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Welcome to ‘Comerford Family History’

Welcome to the story of the Comerford, Comberford and Quemerford families

Some words of welcome from Patrick Comerford:

Welcome to my blog on the Comerford Family History, looking at the history of the Comerford family in Ireland, especially in Co Kilkenny, Co Wexford and Dublin, and the history of the Quemerford family in Wiltshire and the Comberford family in Staffordshire.

The essays on this blog are divided into three parts.

The first part looks at the Comerford families of Ireland. There is an introduction to genealogy and the Comerford family. I then go on to trace the origins of the Comerford family in Quemerford, near Calne, Wiltshire, and trace the main branches of the family in Callan, Ballybur, Danganmore, Ballymack, Callan and Castleinch, in Co Kilkenny, Bunclody (Newtownbarry), Clohamon and Templeshanbo, in Co Wexford (with some diversions to Argentina and to Illinois in the United States) and their descendants in Dublin, Horetown, Newbawn and Fethard, Co Wexford, and Wexford Town, and the Comerfords of Rathdrum, Co Wicklow, who had strong connections with north Co Wexford.

In addition, there are shorter essays on other branches of the Comerford family that may have roots in Co Kilkenny or Co Wexford, including Comerfords who lived in Cork, Dundalk, Hampshire, Somerset and Skerries.

The appendices include a critique of the bizarre pedigree registered by Joseph Comerford in 1725, claiming descnt from the Comberfords of Staffordshire for the Comerfords of Ireland.

Because of the lasting tradition that the Comerfords of Ireland were descended from the Comberford family from Comberford, between Lichfield and Tamworth, Part 3 is a collection of historical essays on the Comberford family, its various branches and their homes, houses and heraldry.

Follow the links below and return to this welcome page to find new essays and chapters, or use the index to essays on the index bar on the left of this page to find your way through the blog.

Please excuse some of the formatting, but careful downloading will allow you as the reader to reformat these essays and work your way through these family stories generation-by-generation.

In compliance with legislation on data protection, no personal details are given of living people unless they have given me their express permission.

I have tried to give full documentation and references for every detail in each essay. In some instances, these references are missing. But this is a work in progress that first began in 1969-1970, when I started collecting family information in Bunclody, Wexford, Kilkenny, Lichfield and Tamworth. And I warmly welcome comments, corrections, additions, updates and new sources and ideas.

I plan to update these essays over time, and to add essays on various aspects of our shared story. For example, in April 2012, I completely overhauled the essay on the Comerfords of Ballybur, adding new family information and new photographs. After a visit to Quemerford in Wiltshire in July 2009, I added some new details and some additional photographs to the introductory essay, 2: Quemerford and Comerford family origins .

Recently I have added:

● An extensive account of the history of the Beaumont families, who brought considerable wealth to the Comberford family of Tamworth: Comberford Appendix 1: The Beaumont family of Wednesbury, added in June 2013.
● a critique of Joseph Comerford’s bizarre pedigree.
● a photograph of Francis Law, born in Dublin in 1829, added in January 2015.
● an archival photograph of Desart Court, built by the Cuffe family on the site of Castleinch, Co Kilkenny, added in December 2014.
● photographs from Bunclody, Kilmyshall, Templeshanbo and Wexford in April 2010.
● photographs from Rathmines and Terenure in Dublin, in May 2010.
● photographs from Lichfield, Staffordshire, in July 2010, March and August 2011, and July 2012.
● new photographs from Fethard-on-Sea and Bunclody, Co Wexford, from Coolgreany, Co Kilkenny, from Athlone, from Tamworth, Staffordshire, and from Quemerford, Wiltshire, in February and March 2011, and from Kells, Co Kilkenny, The Rower, Co Kilkenny, and Monasterevin, Co Kildare, added in April 2012.
● Photographs of Máire Comerford in August 2010 and January 2016, a photograph of her nephew Joe Comerford in 2016, and photographs from Courtown, Co Wexford, in January 2012.
● a profile of the Cork-born actor Chris Comerford.
● a collection of profiles in December 2010 of emminent Comerford surgeons, Comerford war dead, and some Comerford missionaries.
● a profile of the late Dr Joe Comerford.
● a profile of Marie Comerford, mother of the Warrington bomb victim Johnathan Ball, who died of a broken heart in 2009, added in September 2011.
● photographs of members of the Comerford family of Rathdrum, Co Wicklow, added in November 2011.
● more photographs and biographical information about Comerford missionaries, added in November and December 2011.
● more photographs and biographical and genealogical information about the Langton family, direct descendants and heirs of the Comerford family of Danganmore, Co Kilkenny, added in January 2012.
● more details on the Comerford family of Urlingford, Co Kilkenny, and Galway, added in February 2012.
● photographs of the ruins of Danganmore Castle, Co Kilkenny, a photograph of the ruined churchyard in Danganmore, a photograph of the gates of Borris House, Co Carlow, photographs from Ballinakill, Co Laois, and a photograph from an archaeological dig in Wednesbury, in April 2012.
● more biographical details of Bishop Michael Comerford, including his role in building the parish church in Monasterevin, Co Kildare, and his friendship with the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins.
● more photographs from Saint Bride’s Church, Fleet Street,with some additional information on the Revd Edwards Comerford Hawkins, in August 2012.
● more recent photographs from Quemerford and Calne in Wiltshire in August and September 2012.
● more photographs from the Moat House, Tamworth.
● more details about Comerford families in Victorian Dublin, added in July 2013 and June 2014, including a photograph from one of their houses in Kenilworth Square, Rathgar, although I have yet to identify their connections with other branches of the family, and need to format the footnotes.
● more details about Comerford families in Galway and Balbriggan, Co Dublin, including more photographs.
● further details of Dr Joe Comerford, his family background and his education, including a photograph of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

Other recent updates include:

● photographs from Skerries and Balbriggan.
● further information about previous owners of the Moat House in Tamworth, Staffordshire, and about the opening of Comberford’s Restaurant in the Moat House.
● further information about the Comerford family of Dundalk, Co Louth.
● more information and about Comerford Hall in New South Wales.
● photographs from Bunclody and Templeshanbo, Co Wexford, Ranelagh and Rathmines, Dublin, and Comberford, Staffordshire in April 2011.
● photographs from Westland Row, Redmond’s Hill and Ranelagh in Dublin.
● a photograph from Norbury in Derbyshire, in May 2011, along with old photographs from Mancetter in Warwickshire and Anglure in France.
● a photograph of Judge James Comerford at his last Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New York in 1988.
● a photograph of Father James Comerford OMI.
● a photograph of the Irish film-maker Joe Comerford.
● photographs from Saint Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, Ballybur Castle, Danganmore Castle, Coolgreany House in Co Kilkenny, the Hole in the Wall, Kilkenny, Saint Mary’s Church, Callan, Kells, Kilree, and The Rower, Co Kilkenny, from Saint Stephen’s Green, Dublin, and from Pipe Hall, near Lichfield.
● details of the Comerford Greene family of Cork and Dublin.

● In September 2010, I added details of the extraordinary story of Mary Comerford, Countess de Créquy, who was born in Athy, Co Kildare. She is said to have poisoned her husband in France shortly before the French Revolution, escaped to England, and lived for another ten years as an aristocratic widow in London, where she had an amazing pedigree drawn up for her in the College of Arms, claiming descent from the Comberford family of Comberford in Staffordshire.

More recent updates include:

● More information on the Comerfords of Bunclody and Dublin, added in November 2010.
● Further details on the Comerford families of Skerries, Co Dublin, and their descendants, added in February 2015.
● A profile of the Cork-born actor Paddy Comerford, following his death in November 2010.
● A profile of Pierce Comerford of Coolgreany House, Co Kilkenny, added in March 2011.
● additional information on the descendants of the Comerford family in Skerries, Co Dublin, added in March 2011.
● further information on the Comerfords of Galway.
● further details on Comerford Law family of Killaloe and their descendants in England and the US, including three recently found photographs, and the descent of the English actor and playwright Arthur Law (January 2013).
● information and illustrations about the Comerford bookshop in Portsmouth in the mid-19th century.
● an old photograph of Wednesbury Manor, added in April 2011.
● further information on the Comerford-Green family of Leeson Street, Dublin, updated in May 2011, March 2012 and February 2013.
● Photographs of James Comerford’s pub in Mooncoin, Co Kilkenny, March 2013.
● A photograph from Kilcash Churchyard, Co Tipperary.
● Photographs from Callan, Co Kilkenny, and from Florence in April 2013.
● In June 2011, I rewrote the story of the Comerford families in Argentina and added new photographs of their descendants.
● In July 2011, I added additional photographs from Bedford Square, London, Carlow Cathedral and Bagenalstown, Co Carlow.
● In August 2011, I added additional photographs from Lichfield.
● In September 2011, I added a profile of James Comerford, 2nd Duke of Ormond, who occasionally used the name Comerfort during his time as a Jacobite exile in France in the early 18th century.
● In October 2011, I added further genealogical details on the Comerfords of Cork, including biographical details of Mary (Comerford) Boddington, the Cork-born Victorian poet, and a photograph of the former Newcomen Bank in Dublin.
● In November 2011, I added a photograph of Father Pierce Michael Comerford, a 19th century missionary from Kilkenny who worked in Berkeley, California.
● Updated photographs from Lichfield in May 2012.
● More images of portraits by the miniaturist John Comerford.
● Details of the letting of Quemerford House, which was on the market in July 2012 for £2,500 a month.
● In July and August 2012, updated details, including descriptions, floor plans and new photographs, of Comberford Hall, which was on the market with offers being invited in the region of £950,000.
● In May 2013, I added photographs of a portrait of Basil Brooke, who was a child when he inherited the Madeley estate in Shropshire from his father, Captain Comberford Brooke. Basil was aged 19 and still a minor when he died in 1727. The photographs come courtesy of Paul and Kathy Schaefer, Fairfield, Iowa, who inherited the portrait.
● In November 2013, I added a photograph of William Fenton Peel, who was living at Comberford Hall when my great-grandfather visitied in the early 1900s.
● In February 2014, I updated the page on the Moat House, Tamworth, with reports of its impending sale.
● In February 2014, I updated the page on Comberford Hall, correcting some genealogical details about the family of William Fenton Peel.
● In March 2014, I updated the page on Comberford Hall, adding three portraits of people who had lived there in the past: Arthur Chichester (1739-1799), 1st Marquess of Donegall; his son, Lord Spencer Stanley Chichester; and Richard Howard (1733-1819), who became the proprietor of Comberford Hall in 1808.
● In April 2014, I added a Victorian print of Oxley, where a branch of the Comberford family lived briefly in the early 17th century.
● In June 2014, I added a photograph of the Ancient High House in Stafford, where Colonel William Comberford briefly had his headquarters during the English Civil War in the 17th century.
● In August 2014, I added biographical details of the Revd Philip Comerford (died 2006), who was born in Dublin and spent much of his life as a missionary in Paraguay and as an Anglican priest in Canada.

● In September 2014, I added a new biography of Major James Comerford, who commanded the Dublin Fire Brigade during World War II.

● In April 2015, I added a new biography of Charles Blake-Forster (1851-1874), genealogist and heir to the Comerford family of Co Galway.

● In November 2015, I added more details about the Comerford families in Galway and their descendants in Australia, and a photograph of the Danganmore Wayside Cross by Liam O’Sullivan of Kells, Co Kilkenny.

● In July 2016, I added a new posting on Comberford village today, with photographs.
● In July 2016, I updated the details of the ownership of the Moat House and added new photographs of the Moat House and other buildings in Lichfield Street, Tamworth.
● In May 2017, I added an image from the Down Survey naming Comerford family lands in Co Kilkenny as Comberford’s Grange.

I hope this collection of essays helps all who are interested in the history of the Comerford and the Comberford family, the history of Co Wexford, Co Kilkenny, Lichfield and Tamworth, and especially members of my own (extended and long-tailed) family.

Recently, I have been particularly grateful to:

Mrs Valerie Coltman, formerly of Comberford Hall, who has shared personal memories in very generous and kind ways;
the staff of the National Library of Ireland, Dublin;
the staff of the Representative Church Body Library, Dublin;
the staff of the Lichfield Record Office;
the staff at local libraries in Lichfield, Tamworth and Calne;
the volunteers at the Calne Heritage Centre and Saint Mary’s Church, Calne;
Frank Gray and his family for their regular welcomes at Ballybur Castle;
Dick Forristal of Danganmore Castle, Co Kilkenny;
Joe Kennedy of Callan for enabling access to photograph the Comerford monuments in Saint Mary’s Church, Callan;
Simon Street, Tim Harris and Jill Sanders for additional information and photographs for the chapter on the Comerford family of Somerset, Rathgar and Monmouth;
Tony Hawkins of Shaftesbury, Dorset, for additional information and photographs for the chapter on the Comerford, Comerford-Casey and Hawkins families;
Trevor Stuart and Suzanne Maitland-Wood, for information on the Comerford family of Hampshire;
Roibeárd de Paor for his photograph of the Revd James Comerford OMI;
Nick Roddis for details about his family’s ownership of the Moat House, Tamworth;
Ray Comerford of Bray, Co Wicklow, for information about the Comerfords of Urlingford, Co Kilkenny, including two missionaries in his family;
Paul Beflord for his photograph from the archaeological dig at the Comberford forge and ironworks in Wednesbury;
Gill Jones, formerly of The Close, Lichfield, Johann Popp, formerly of Saint John’s House, Lichfield, Pauline Duval of Dam Street, Lichfield, Ruth McLaren and the staff of the Moat House, Tamworth, and all at the George, Lichfield, the Hedgehog, Lichfield, the White Hart, Calne, and the Talbot, Quemerford, for their warm welcome and hospitality.
Clive Daggett, Hawley Cricket Club Treasurer and Researcher, for information about William Felton Peel and his family, who lived at Comberford Hall (1900-1902) where he was visited by James Comerford.

Patrick Comerford,
Dublin, 2 May 2017


Welcome to ‘Comerford Family History’

1: Opening the door into family history

2: Quemerford and Comerford family origins

3: From Calne to Callan: the first members of the Quemerford and Comerford families

4: Comerford of Ballybur Castle and Kilkenny City

5: The Comerfords of Danganmore

6: Comerford of Ballymack and Callan

7: The Comerfords of Castleinch and Waterford

8: Comerford of Bunclody and Dublin

9: Sinnott y Comerford and Kelly y Comerford of Wexford and Argentina

10: Comerford of Co Wexford and Minooka, Illinois

11: Comerford of Horetown, Newbawn, &c., Co Wexford

12: Comerford of Wexford Town

13: Comerford of Ballinakill, Rathdrum and Courtown

14: Comerford of Wexford and Cork and Comerford-Casey of Cork

15: Comerford of Dundalk

16: Comerford of Wexford and Hampshire

17: Comerford of Galway

18: Comerford of Somerset, Monmouth and Rathgar

19: Comerford of Balbriggan and Skerries, Co Dublin

20: Comerford, Marquis d’Anglure

21: The Comerford family: Coats of Arms and Heraldry


1: Edmund Comerford (d. 1509): the last pre-Reformation Bishop of Ferns

2: William Comerford (ca. 1486-ca. 1539): the Reformation Dean of Ossory

3: Revd Dr Nicholas Comerford, SJ (c. 1541/5–c. 1599), Jesuit theologian

4: Justice Garret Comerford (ca 1558-1604), judge and politician

5: Patrick Comerford (1586-1652), Bishop of Waterford and Lismore

6: Nicholas Comberford (ca 1600-1673), 17th-century cartographer

7: Edward Comerford (ca 1600-ca 1660), MP for Callan

8: Nicholas Commerford (1652-post 1667), deported to Barbados

9: Joseph Comerford (d. 1729), Marquis d’Anglure

10: the Most Revd Dr Edward Comerford (ca 1644-1710), Archbishop of Cashel

11: Maria Theresa Comerford, Duchess of Wharton

12: James Comerford (1775-1825) and witnesses to the 1798 Rising

13: John Comerford (1770-1832), artist

14: James Comerford (ca 1720-1808)

15: George Comerford (ca 1814-1838), early Australian bushranger

16: Bishop Michael Comerford (1831-1895), bishop and historian

17: James Comerford, JP, FSA (1807-1881): antiquarian and book collector

18: James Comerford (1817-1902), Victorian stucco artist and architect

19: Stephen Edward Comerford (1867-1921), stuccodore and trade unionist

20: the Revd Edwards Comerford Hawkins (1827-1906) and ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’

21: Máire Comerford (1893-1982), republican activist and journalist

22: Judge James J. Comerford (1901-1988), leader of the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

23: Princess Kathleen Comerford Scherbatow (1914-1999)

24: Joe Comerford, film-maker

25: Andy Comerford, Kilkenny hurler

26: Martin Comerford, Kilkenny hurler

27: Cristeta Comerford, White House Chef

28: Jane Comerford, singer, songwriter

29: Paddy Comerford and Ignatius Comerford, Cork theatre cousins

30: Michael E Comerford (1865- ), cinema proprietor

31: Jim Comerford (1913-2006), Australian trade unionist

32: Ashlee Comerford, Canadian artist

33: Chris Comerford, Irish businessman

34: Some Comerford surgeons in war and peace

35: Comerford war dead

36: Some Comerford missionaries

37: Dr Joe Comerford, UN development expert in Africa

38: Pierce Comerford (1944-2010), maintaining a tradition at Coolgreany

39: Marie Comerford (1956-2009), mother of a bomb victim, she died of a broken heart

40: James Butler (1665-1745), 2nd Duke of Ormond, a Jacobite who used the name Comerford in exile

41: Major James J Comerford (1899-1950), reorganised the Dublin fire service

42: Charles Blake-Forster (1851-1874), genealogist and heir to the Comerford family of Co Galway


1: Comerford and some other placenames

2: Comerford shopfronts and signs

3: The bizarre pedigree of Joseph Comerford (1724)


1: The Comberford Family of Comberford, Staffordshire, an introduction

2: Comerford and Comberford, ties of kinship and affection

3: The early Comberford family

4: Comberford wealth from Wednesbury

5: Recusants, royal guests and civil war

6: ‘A family brought low …’

7: The Quaker Comberfords of Bradley, Staffordshire

8: Comberford Hall

9: Comberford Village today.

10: The Moat House, Tamworth

11: Wednesbury and the Comberford family

12: Comberford coats of arms and heraldry

13: The Comberford Family in Lichfield.


Comberford Appendix 1: The Beaumont family of Wednesbury

Photographs of various houses, homes and monuments linked to these families, including Ballybur Castle, Co Kilkenny, Comberford Hall and the Moat House, Tamworth, Staffordshire, and Quemerford village in Wiltshire can be accessed at:

I am a member of The Guild of One-Name Studies, and the following one-name studies have been registered with the guild: Comerford, Comberford, Commerford, Quemerford and Comerton.

Last up-dated: 25 January 2023.


Helen Mary said...

My maiden name was Helen Comerford. My father was born in Dublin, but died 20years ago aged 56yrs.

I am very interested in the Comerford History as I have no connections at all with my Irish Family at present.
Helen Hindle nee Comerford

Patrick Comerford said...

Thank you Helen,

If you'd like to contact me drectly I'd be happy to help you if you either email me or telephone.

My email address and my telephone contacts are available on my Facebook page.


Unknown said...

COMERFORD Edmond, 21, arrived Sydney on the Blairgowrie 1881, Labourer, Kilkenny, parents Michael & Anastasia, Kilkenny. Cousin Mrs Casey, Sydney no other detail for males.
> COMERFORD Kate, 19, Blairgowrie 1881, Kilkenny, same parents, Kilkenny. Relative, R Maher West Maitland, Good health, RC, Reads

Edmond Comerford was my great grandfather. I found the above and it's intersting that they arrived in Sydney but went to Melbourne soon after. I'm somewhat interested about their Kilkenny background and I'll study this site some more.

Michael Hurley

CTID said...

Hi Patrick

my name is Darren Comerford from Manchester

I just wanted to send you a quick email to say "thanks" for providing such information - read with interest your information on the origin of the Comerford surname - never knew it was that old or had so many variations of spelling

I chuckled at your comment about annoyance of having to spell constantly our surname to people ( I just spell it now as I know people will ask "how's that spelt?" )

Yes your website was full of sound information - I know the surname is rare and most people who do have it will be from Ireland - Myself my grandfather arrived from Cork sometime before the first world war and settled and married a local lass from manchester and the rest is history.

Anyway - keep up the good work with your blog and all the best mate - yours with kind regards Darren Comerford

PS I have visited myself Glendalough ( I saw some pictures of it on your blog ) It's just reminded me - I saw a grave stone of a Comerford there - I remembered it caught my eye - it stood in black marble -

It was a lovely place - would like to go back - who knows maybe one day :-)

Unknown said...

Congrats on the wed page to our name. It is nice to see that there is a picture of our house in the photo section... the shop fromnt with the frowers in front, near castlecomer, co kilkenny.
How do we add seperate stories about our family ...

Ger Comerford...

Unknown said...

Hi Patrick
My grandmother was Caroline Flowerday. I have her death certifucate somewhere, I'll find the details for you as she died in 1959 not 1951. She and Henry Herbert had nine children and my dad was the baby of the family. I came upon your blog by accident and will read your research with great interest as I know nothing about Caroline's family.
Best Wishes Sheelagh

Brenda said...

Hello Patrick
I enjoyed reading your website.
My gr gr grandfather was Thomas Comerford b abt 1837 in Templemore Tipperary. He and his brother Denis (b.abt.1834) came to Australia in 1862 and settled around the Clarence River in New South Wales. Their death certificates state their father's name as William Comerford and mother's name as Mary Talbot/Turbit (writing is hard to read).
I have never found much information at all about Comerfords from this these names ring a bell at all to you??
I would dearly love to find some siblings for history for this branch.

Unknown said...


Great site. I've recently started looking for information on our ancestors, in particular, the Comerford connection.

My great-great grandmother, Jane Comerford of Miltown Malbray Co Clare married James O'Flaherty of Lettermullen around the 1860's, I'm guessing. She was born around 1840-1841. She had two brothers Henry & George who became doctors, one of them working around Harley St, London(or so we believe).I would love to know the relationship, if any, with Henry Comerford as mentioned on your site and know the subsequent whereabouts of Henry & George. As her birth & possibly her marriage are before records started in Ireland, I'm struggling.

Have you any details on children & nephews/nieces if Henry Comerford.


Anonymous said...

very interesting blog!

John Paul Comerford said...

Dear Patrick,

How might one reach you? My wife and I will be in Dublin the last week in October and I would very much appreciate the opportunity to meet you.

I am originally from Boston and over the years have had the opportunity to get to know both Judge Jim Comerford of New York and the late Barney Comerford of Portland. When I ran for the U.S. Congress in 1992, I received a number of contributions from other Comerford's, including Dr, John Comerford of New York State.

I tried to find you on FaceBook but your site was unavailable. My e-mail address is

Thank you in advance for your response.

John Paul Comerford
Seattle, WA

Comerford83 said...

Hi Patrick,

Just like to say that this probably the best website on the internet.

Kind regards

Chris Comerford
East Sussex

ann marie said...

Dear Patrick,

What a wonderful site! I have just dipped my toe into some family research and now appreciate the work involved!

My great-great-grandmother was Anne Comerford. She had twin boys John and Thomas whose baptisms were registered in Booterstown parish in April 1865. One of the boys' sponsors is listed as Thomas Comerford.The father is named as John Connor although I can find no record of a marriage cert between John Connor and Anne Comerford.

Would you have any information on Anne Comerford?

Kind regards,

Ann Marie Fair

Cassandra Poppe said...

What a treasure of information! My mother's maiden name is Comeford. Apparently when her ancestors came to America, the ones writing down the names of the people coming off the boat dropped the 'r' in their name - hence the modified name. My mother always talked about wanting to visit Balybur castle, since she had always heard of 'the family castle' in Ireland. I can't wait to show her this blog!

The good ship RAPAREE said...

Great to read your postings. John Buggy (Mayor of Kilkenny in the 1860's/70's)was my great grandfather. As you know, his wife was a Rourke-Madden-Comerford! One of my great great great grandmothers was Jane Comerford, daughter of James. She married Edmund Madden in 1781. Their daughter Ellen married an O'Rourke about 1800 and Eliza my great grandmother was their daughter.
Also enjoyed your posting about the double doors. The offices of Michael Buggy, solicitors, was opened by my great uncle Michael J Buggy for business in the 1880's. As you know, after 4 generations this business has sadly now come to a close. In fact the old engraved sash windows are for auction this month in the local art sales auction house!

Keep up the good work
Mike buggy

Unknown said...

Hi Patrick
My name is Paschal Comerford, originally from Carrick on Suir, Co Tipperary, descended from Thomas Comerford, b1880 of Scarwalsh, Wexford (Gurteen Comerfords).
I’ve just come across your blog in the last few days, and it makes amazing reading. Its fantastic that you’ve managed to unearth so much information. Well done.
I’m actually now living in Rathfarnham, Dublin, and it would be nice to maybe meet up sometime, and I can try to fill in some gaps.

Emperor said...

Great work here.

My dad's mother was a Comerford and we've been filling in quite a bit of the Comerford family tree for our branch here in Liverpool, descended from James Comerford who was born in Ireland around 1831 (we believe his dad was Patrick Comerford). He allegedly met his wife, Ann Hanlon, on the cattle boat over from Ireland and got married pretty soon after arriving in Liverpool (July 1st 1863 - we have the wedding certificate if anyone wants a copy. Anyone interested in linking family trees together can contact my Dad at bill_barnes AT mail2bill DOT com - we are also working on putting it online at and

I've already seen a couple of people on here amongst the extended family, so I'll drop a note in adding what I can where I can.

Emperor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I've recently become a Comerford by marriage and I must admit this blog is partly responsible for my taking my husbands name as before I stumbled accross this I was all for keeping my maiden name!

My husbands' grandfather was Michael Comerford, he moved from Limerick to Liverpool we believe some time after or during the War.

Thank you for the interesting reads, Patrick.

dflymartin said...

Hi Patrick,
I came across your site while researching family. I'm not directly related, but my grandmother, Mary Cooney Flaherty McKenna, was the second wife of Joseph F. Flaherty, whose first wife was Elizabeth Flaherty, daughter of James O'Flaherty and Jane Comerford. I noticed that one of your followers had mentioned the desire to find some family info. I have found that Joseph & Lizzie had 5 children, the youngest, Elizabeth, was an older step-sister to my father.

Paul In Iowa said...

Hello Patrick -

We have been reading your delightful blog as we believe we (Kathy) are distant relations to the Comerford line, and recently inherited a painting of Basil Brooke painted in 1727. On the painting it reads, in part, "Basil, only son of Cumberford Brooke of Madeley Co. Salop & Cumberford Co. Staff. Esq; By Rose his wife Da. of Sr John Austen of Bexley in Kent Bar; Ob, 1727 Aged 19" It appears to be painted on Oak. On the back of the board is written: "A lineal descendant of Sr Robt Brooke Speaker of the House of Commons & Lord Chief Justice of the court of common Pleas in the reign of Queen Mary. Two sisters survived him, Cath, Married John Unett Smitherman Esq; & Rose John Giffard of Chilling-ton Co, Staff, Esqr; Basil was the last male heir of that noble family." (There are two other portraits: Sir Neville, eldest son of Henry, L-D Abergavenney and his grand-daughter Mary daughter of Margaret; both of Birchin County)

The painting was hanging in the home of Kay Birkby, Kathy's mother, of Fond Du Lac Wisconsin, who recently passed, rest her soul. The painting is about 12" by 9". I am happy to send you a jpeg. We are curious to explore our relationship with these ancestors and can be reached at

Paul & Kathy Schaefer
Fairfield, Iowa USA

Unknown said...

Hello. My name is Carl Leonard Johnson. Most people call me Chip, as I was named after my grandfathers. So I guess I am a “chip off the old block”. I live in the United States. I found your history of James Butler, 2nd Duke of Ormond on the web and that is why I am writing. I am very interested in the Duke of Ormond’s secretary the Rev. George Kelly and also the relationship that James Butler had with William Johnstone, 1st Marquis of Annandale. Obviously, information on these subjects is limited even in this day and age. However, I have uncovered some interesting facts that you may be interested in. I am hopeful, we can compare notes. I can be reached at my email; Sincerely, Chip

Unknown said...

Hello Patrick
In case it is of interest, my name is Thomas Commerford Dawson. My great grandfather, same three names, emigrated to Ontario, Canada from Ireland about 1842. My understanding is that his mother's maiden name was Commerford [Comerford?]. My brother's middle name is Vesey, who was supposedly related to Commerford. My email is

Unknown said...

Hi, A very interesting site.
I wonder if anyone out there has any knowledge of Comerfords who either owned or ran the Fox and Goose pub in Clara, perhaps a couple of generations back? My GG Grandmother was a Catherine Comerford 1823 - 1880. She married a Martin Lawlor c1852, (His second wife)They are buried in Goresbridge. (Though no marriage there) I am told our family have connections to the Comerfords from the pub...and as Catherine is the only Comerford found so far...
Any help will be much appreciated.
email -

ocorrian historian said...

Hi Patrick, I'm a Newry Historian, I have a notion that Comeford House was firstly a Cistercian tower house, and that the supposed Spanish arches were also part of the same complex 1144. I have come on a set of floor plans for such a tower house, It would have had 3 floors above the ground and a cellar with a tunnel below the left side that is if you look at the building directly in front of it. Id be interested In your views on the same. Id also love a photo of both buildings if you could facilitate for publishing in a book, that Im writing, best Oliver

Roy Crego said...

Hi Patrick,
I saw you had some info on the USA. I came across a family in the Adirondack Mts. of NY State while researching an article for a local paper:
Hope this adds to your great site.

Keelan said...

Hi there, great blog. I came across it because my Father is attempting to find his biological Father. He has no record of his name but he believes the surname is Comerford. If so it would be in the Kildare area. He also said that he believed his paternal Grandmother was a writer perhaps for the BBC. My father was born in 1959 before leaving Ireland to Wales and eventually settling in England. Any information on any Comerfords who may have written for the BBC (supposedly for a radio show) would be helpful.


Suzanne Vincent said...

I'm exploring a family line that has led me to Peter Comerford (Americanized as Comaford) who was born in abt. 1797 in Ireland and who emigrated sometime between his birth and his marriage to an American woman, Mary (Polly) Lewis, in abt. 1833.

I came across your site in searching for additional information on Peter. I've searched all your potentially relevant pages and found nothing. I understand Ireland did not keep emigration records, and I have found no US immigration records except the one mentioned in this blog to Illinois in 1888.

I suppose my next move would be to visit the Family History Library in Salt Lake, where they may have additional as-yet-to-be-indexed US immigration records, but if you happen to come across anything in your research, I would be forever grateful if you would pass it along.

Unknown said...

Hi my name is Carol vella from Australia, my g g g grandmother was Bridget Comerford from Castlecomer Kilkenny she married John Ford and had my g g grandmother Mary who was born in 1824, she came to NSW when she was 21yrs. she came with her cousin Catherine Comerford. I would love to know about her family in Ireland, I do know her parents were dead when she left Ireland . Thank you Carol Vella

Unknown said...

Hey Comerford dont forget that the Protestant Churches charged taxes form the Catholic landowners, and your kind took the land of the Irish,,, get out of our country,,, parasites you starved our people ,,,

Mike buggy said...

What a silly, disrespectful, and immature comment by philip. Most of us on these Islands and in all of Western Europe are of mixed blood....Viking, Dane, Norwegian, French, Celtic, roman, angles, Saxons, Picts etc etc. don't forget the ancient Brits were celts too...they were overcome first by Romans, and then by angles, Saxons, Danes, and eventually Franco Norse Normans. Irish cities were founded by Vikings and it is estimated that some 40% of irish heritage has Viking roots. Add to this the Norman welsh invasion and their subsequent absorption into the Gaelic world (the surname Walsh is just one example). The Anglo Saxons themselves were hammered mercilessly by the Normans....and to some extent had a far worse ride than we did in ireland. All their land and power was taken by the Normans where at least in ireland we were able to keep the old Gaelic side going for a couple of centuries afterwards. Even in later centuries, the ordinary british peasant was greatly subjugated by his overlords, just as much as in ireland.....and don't forget that britain and other parts of Europe also suffered greatly from war, plague, and famine too. There were many places in Europe that had a pretty rough ride throughout the last 1000 years, bad enough to make ireland seem peaceful by comparison. It is time to stop doing the "poor irish victim thing" , embrace our wonderfully mixed culture, see the big picture, and move on. Miceal O Bhogaigh

Unknown said...

Hello Patrick
Thank you for posting so much interesting family information.
My great grandmother, Margaret Comerford, emigrated to the United States as a child in the late 19th century. She married Jack Egan, parents of my paternal grandfather, James Francis Egan, who brought the family to San Francisco, California. Some years ago, a cousin Barney Comerford (US) collaborated with Thomas Comerford (Ireland) on a history of the Comerford family back to 1063. This publication is in the collection of the American-Irish Historical Society Library, Fifth Avenue, New York. When I last visited Dublin, I took the train to Kilkenny where I met many kind people who welcomed a middle-aged American. It's a small world!
Kind regards
Patricia Egan
San Francisco, California

Unknown said...

Hello John
Barney Comerford was a distant cousin of mine. While doing research at the American-Irish Historical Society Library in New York, I came across the Comerford Family History that he co-authored with another cousin, Thomas Comerford in Ireland. The history includes charts, photos, and biographies back to 1063.
My great grandmother, Margaret Comerford, came to the US in the late 19th century. She married Jack Egan; my paternal grandfather James Francis Egan was their son.
Patricia Jane Egan
San Francisco, CA

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi my name is Carol and I know nothing about my gggrandmothers Comerford family her name was Mary Ford her mother was a Comerford from Kilkenny, mary came to NSW Australia in the 1800s with her cousin Catherine Comerford would love to find Marys family

Unknown said...

Hello Patrick. My name is Ron Comerford, and I have really enjoyed your blog. My wife Donna (since May, 1985) and I will be traveling to tour Ireland 9/22/17 thru 10/2/17. We plan to be in Dublin for 3-4 days. Our tour will take us South to Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, home of my Great, Great Grandfather Edmond (Edmund), married to Anty Keating in 1850. Great Grandfather is Phillip Bernard b 1858, married to Marry Sullivan. Grand Father James Thomas born 1907, Maried to Mary Thoman, in Gary Indiana, (both deceased) Father, William Bernard married to Marybeth both living North of Milwakee WI (Menasha).

I have a genealogy map I would like to share, and will be looking you up on Facebook. If schedules permit, it would be a great honor to meet you in Dublin!

Kim said...

Does anybody come across the name Cumisky/Comiskey in their travels when looking at Comerford?

Patrick Comerford said...

Yes, in parts of Cavan and the neighbouring counties, Comerford was sometimes used as an Anglicised variant of Comiskey. But Comiskey was never used as a variant for Comerford, and some Comerfords in the Louth/Dundalk/Drogheda area and parts of Cavan are not Comiskeys at all, but descended from families in south-east Ireland. Does that make sense? Patrick

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great info Patrick, we are just looking into the Irish version of our name and our info seems to suggest it is Comartun (with 'u' fada). Do you known if this is the correct version for Waterford descendant from Callan Kilkenny? Or was there ever a true Irish version for this line. We also understand comiskey is more northern form that is used as you have said and not correct for South East comerfords.

Thanks for you help and looking forward to diving deeper into your blog.

Stephen Comerford

Unknown said...

Hi Suzanne- My great great great grandfather was Peter Comerford and he was “supposedly” born on 12th October 1809 at St. Canice’s in Kilkenny. Due to due to the similarities in names I have came across numerous documents pertaining to your Peter Comaford. Email me at if you would like me to point you to additional resources. For starters, look into records originating in Vermont U.S.

Unknown said...

Hi Suzanne- My great great great grandfather was Peter Comerford and he was “supposedly” born on 12th October 1809 at St. Canice’s in Kilkenny. Due to due to the similarities in names I have came across numerous documents pertaining to your Peter Comaford. Email me at if you would like me to point you to additional resources. For starters, look into records originating in Vermont U.S.

Unknown said...

I have done a lot of research on the line of Matthew Comerford 1825-abt 1900. He came to America in 1849-50. I have all the information on his family, parents in Tipperary, and the court cases of his brother Thomas who was killed as a 15 year old by a man who wanted land his father Richard got in Thurles. Do you want any of this information?
Stephen Comerford Oswald, Salt Lake City Utah

Patrick Comerford said...

Thank you Stephen Comerford Oswald. I would be delighted if share this information. Please contact me through my Facebook page with a private message, and I can share my email address in a reply. Thank you, Patrick

Unknown said...

Hi Patrick
Thank you for hosting this site.

I'm trying to find info on my gg grandmother, Sarah ('Sally") Comerford, who was born about 1795 in Ireland, married Michael Dowling in Muckalee, Kilkenny, Ireland in 1817 and maybe died in Naas, Kildare, Ireland in 1879. Three sons, Patrick, Michael and Thomas, emigrated to Australia(1854, 186 and 1860) under the patronage of an Edward Comerford
'Is there anyone out there want to lend me a hand?'
Happy New Year everyone!

Rachel with Shades of Blue said...

Hello Patrick! I was wondering if in any of your studied you came across a Peter Comerford/Comerfort who migrated to Portugal in the mid 1700s? I have found 2 catholic parish records of sisters, Mary and Isabelle (they changed their names to Maria and Isabel) Comerford/Comerfort both from Cork, Ireland, who were baptized into the Catholic Church on 1776 (Isabel was 17). I also have their marriage records in 1778, both married on the same day. All the records say their father was "Pedro Comerfort" (Pedro is the Portuguese version of Peter), and "Bonifacia Dixan" (Boniface is the English version of Bonifacia, and Dixan is probably actually Dixon or Dickson in English), both from Cork. All of my searches have yielded nothing. Isabel married a man from Portugal and their granddaughter became the wife of a viscount, so they appear in this book on page 7: . Any tips or info you might have that could help me in my searches, I would appreciate! Thanks, Rachel

Patrick Comerford said...

Thank you Rachel,

Peter may well have been part of this family from Cork:

I'd love to hear more,


Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick

I have found your pages extremely interesting. My grand parents lived and worked in Comberford, Tamworth for a number of years, whilst the farm was owned by Mr & Mrs J Cliffe.

I would be very much interested to know if you any information on the properties in the village. In particular I recall my nan, Winifred Jane Rowley living at a large house, at the end of a stone driveway, which had gorgeous trees either side which had grown so large that it was like driving through a tree passageway. The house immediately on the right was Hagley House (Whiteheads were in residence) and my father went to the same school as them who over the years became solicitors for my family until he passed away in 2003.

I can see from Google Maps that the large house is still there and it would be super if I could find any information about this house.

My memories of my father driving Tolgate Lane, then left down Manor Lane, and then immediate left before Hagley House are so visual, it would be amazing if I could get in contact with the residents or view the great old house again.

I look forward to your response.

With best wishes and kindest regards, Stephen

Mr Stephen J Rowley

Mary A said...

Hello Patrick

James J Comerford, who went to and lived in New York, until his death in 1988?
He was my mother Johanna Coogan's 1st Cousin, from Kilkenny, subsequently, my 2nd.
I find your research fascinating and informative. Thank you.
I am desperately trying to find the resting place of my Fathers Mother Elizabeth "Lizzy" Steacy. She was married and lived in Kilkenny with my Grandfather Joseph Steacy, who died in 1938, aged approx 58 years of age, he was in the British Army. There was a huge fall out when my parents married and lived in the UK, Mother Catholic and Father Protestant, consequently my father was banished from his family. I would love to find her resting place so I could visit and say prayers of forgiveness. But she has vanished. Could you suggest any avenues which I may not have already searched. There was talk of her going to live with her eldest son in Belfast, after the death of her husband Joseph Steacy born, 1870.

David said...

Hi my name is David comiford from Oklahoma us im trying to figure out where my family name came from the spelling was changed from comerford I do beleive i was told we came from England

TC said...

Hello! Several replies to this excellent resource have referenced a family history book written by cousins Barney Comerford (USA) and Thomas Comerford (Ireland) currently held by the NY-based American-Irish Historical Society Library. Is the full title of this book as it would be listed online available, by chance? I seem to be having trouble finding a listing for it on the library's website going by author name. We would love to purchase a copy for our reference.

TC said...

Hello! Several replies here have referenced a family history book written by cousins Barney Comerford (USA) and Thomas Comerford (Ireland) currently held by the NY-based American-Irish Historical Society Library. Is the title of this book available, by chance? I seem to be having trouble finding a listing for it on the library's website going by author name. We would love to purchase a copy for our reference.

TC said...

Hello! Several replies here have referenced a family history book written by cousins Barney Comerford (USA) and Thomas Comerford (Ireland) currently held by the NY-based American-Irish Historical Society Library. Is the title of this book available, by chance? I seem to be having trouble finding a listing for it on the library's website going by author name. We would love to purchase a copy for our reference.

Unknown said...


Packed up in boxes, I have a print copy of the Comerford family history from the American-Irish Historical Society. Are you in the US or in Ireland?

I have a CD with the book photocopied. It's not searchable, but it's all there. I believe that I bought (and distributed to relatives) the remaining printed copies from Jane Comerford, Barney Comerford's daughter.

If you will send me an address/phone number where I can contact you, I can probably figure out a way to get you a copy of the CD. If you are in Ireland, I plan to visit in June/July (as long as travel is allowed; I have my COVID vaccination proof in hand).

Patricia Egan
(Margaret Comerford was my great grandmother)

Patrick Comerford said...

Thank you Patricia Egan for such a very kind offer. I live in Ireland, and hope your plans for a visit to Ireland this summer go well.

If you post a second message with your email address I can reply to you directly with contact details, as I monitor and moderate all comments beforethey are posted, so you need have no fear about your email address being published.

Best wishes,


TC said...

That would be wonderful, tbank you Patricia and Patrick! If desired, I may be able to OCR the individual pages (I assume what you have are scanned photographic images of each page), which converts detected text in an image to searchable text, if anyone would find this helpful.

John Bird said...

Hello Mr Cumberford.

I have a online history book (blog) called "MY JOURNEY BACK IN TIME£" which mentions my 14th Great grand-mother Margaret CUMBERFORD, who was the wife of William Holte of Aston or Duddeston in Birmingham. If you type the words "DUDLEY CASTLE JOHN BIRD" into Google Image Search, you will see her name in my book on page 21. The history on your site is very interesting Patrick.


Unknown said...

Hello Patrick and TC

Update on travel plans: Given the quarantine situation, I doubt that I shall be able to travel to Dublin before August. Indeed, I have a supply of CDs with the book produced by cousins Barney (USA) and Thomas (IE) Comerford.

I look forward to meeting you as soon as travel is less restricted. (I have had both vaccinations, FYI.)

Patricia Egan
San Francisco

Unknown said...

Hello Patrick and TC

With recent changes in the quarantine restrictions, I have made plans to travel to Dublin for a few days to take care of some business. If you are available on either Thursday, the 12th, or Friday, the 13th, of August, I would be delighted to meet members of the Comerford family. I shall be staying in the Rathmines area.

Please let me know if either date would be convenient for you.

Kind regards
Patricia Egan
(great granddaughter of Margaret Comerford)

JC said...

Good morning. I am John Comerford McLoughlin, descendant or otherwise a relative of the miniaturist John Comerford. Mant thanks for the interesting read!

Unknown said...

Hello Patrick, TC, and all related

Just a note to let you know that I have relocated from San Francisco, CA, to Stillorgan, Co Dublin. Should there be any interest in gatherings of Comerfords, I would be pleased to assist. When my sister, Brenda Egan, comes to visit, we shall surely travel to Kilkenny and Carrick-on-Suir, from whence our great grandmother Margaret Comerford came.

Cheers for 2022!

Kind regards
Patricia Egan

Padraig Haran said...

Hi Patrick, do you know anything about the J. Comerford, author of a 1742 History of Ireland. I cannot find any information about this person and am hoping you may know something about him/her.

Padraig Haran said...

I should say that some editions of this History of Ireland list the author as T. Comerford.